It's our 11th Season of the CanChamHK & Ascent Partners Mentorship Program! This year, we have expanded our Program to accept more Mentors and Mentees, and increased the number of workshops/networking events. Our structured Mentoring Program matches Mentors and Mentees of all ages to learn from one another and expand their network.


We want to give back to our community by sustaining a Program that helps professionals:

  • Develop their careers
  • Build a strong business and social network
  • Provide opportunities to learn across a broad range of topics
  • Gain further expertise and guidance from different industries and backgrounds

If you are interested in embarking on your transformational journey as a Mentee, submit your application below so we can welcome you to the Program!



As an integral role for the success of the Mentorship Program, we would like to grow our extensive pool of Mentors to accommodate our intake of new Mentees.

Our Program facilitates a mentoring relationship based on:

  • Trust
  • Experience exchange
  • Support
  • Guidance

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, we want to hear from you by submitting your application below! Your participation will have a profound impact on your Mentees and similarly, their views will broaden your horizon.

For questions or inquiries, please email



Please note that Mentors listed on this website are not confirmed as this is dependent on the number of  pairings. All Mentors & Mentees are invited to attend the Launch Ceremony (date to be confirmed). They will have a chance to speak with one another and Mentees will submit their Mentor preference after the event.

        Visit the list of Mentors




        • At least 3 years of experience in a managerial position
        • Desires to see the next generation of leaders achieve their full potential
        • Allocates time to their Mentee on a monthly basis (in-person) 
        • Have a clear understanding of the roles of a Mentor and Mentee
        • Be an excellent listener and provide support to the Mentee
        • Open to learning from Mentees (cross experience exchange)
        • Based in Hong Kong


        • All levels of experience, industry, and age are welcome
        • Aspire to be a future leader
        • Willing to learn, share and receive feedback
        • Interested in further development both professionally and personally 
        • Able to attend at least 3 out of 4 events (including the Launch Event) 
        • Express desired outcomes and set goals for the program
        • Proactively reach out to the mentor to arrange monthly meetings
        • Based in Hong Kong

        Successful applicants will receive an email notification by the Secretariat.



        Please email, the details requested in the application form. Applicants will also receive an email notification from the Secretariat.


        • All Members & Non-Members are welcome to apply
        • FREE to participate

        Apply to be a Mentor!


          • Open to Corporates, Entrepreneurs, Individuals or Young Professionals with an active paid membership (application fee HKD 500)
          • Open to Affiliate Members or Non-Members (application fee: HKD 1,200)
          • Click here to renew or sign up for a paid membership

          Apply to be a Mentee!



          March - June 2023

          Apply to be a Mentor/Mentee


          Selection Process of Mentors and Mentees

          27 June 2023

          Launch Event & Workshop 1 (Meet potential Mentors & Mentees)

          3 July 2023

          Deadline for Mentees to submit their top 3 choices of Mentors

          7 July 2023

          Mentors and Mentees are matched by CanChamHK

          July to November 2023

          Monthly meetings between Mentors and Mentees

          31 August 2023

          Workshop 2

          12 September 2023

          Workshop 3

          November 2023

          Closing Ceremony

          The above dates are subject to change at the discretion of The Chamber.


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