Property & Development Committee


The Property & Development Committee at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (CanChamHK) brings together a diverse group of the organization's 2,400+ members. The committee provides a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative discussions around key trends, challenges, and business prospects across Hong Kong, Mainland China, the Greater Bay Area, Canada, and Southeast Asia.

Our mission:

  • Share industry insights and recommendations on real estate issues that may impact CanChamHK members

  • Serve as a voice on key industry trends and developments

  • Provide an advisory role to CanChamHK on economic and corporate matters, as needed

  • Cooperate with other CanChamHK committees and chambers to advocate on important issues affecting the property and development sectors


By leveraging the robust resources and network of CanChamHK, the Property & Development Committee aims to drive innovation, facilitate cross-border partnerships, and support the long-term growth and competitiveness of these critical industries


  • Co-Chair: Jeff Chan

  • Co-Chair: Cydon Choi, Senior Associate Director, Colliers

  • Co-Chair: Simon Yu, Associate Director, Capital Markets, CBRE



Initiatives of this committee educates and engages property professionals and parties with an interest in real estate.


Upcoming Committee Meetings & Events