Sustainable Development Committee

The Canadian Chamber's Sustainable Development Committee has been actively promoting sustainable social, environmental and economic development in the Hong Kong community since 1997. The committees' efforts focus on raising the awareness of key local issues while engaging Chamber members and the Hong Kong community.

Whether you are:
  • A professional who is leading the charge or advising your clients on an organization's sustainability mission;
  • An entrepreneur or SME owner who wants to raise awareness to improving sustainable business operations;
  • An academic who is preparing the next generation of thought leaders in terms of sustainability and economic development; or,
  • A young professional who is committed to make a positive impact to the circular economy;
Then you should consider joining the Sustainable Development Committee.  
Let us embark on the journey to a better tomorrow together.


Sustainable Development Committee events promote engagement, learning and sharing opportunities with high profile events that enable members to contribute to Hong Kong’s sustainable development.

The Committee also advocates for the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

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