Happy Jellyfish Language Bureau

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Happy Jellyfish Language Bureau . Learn Cantonese the Natural Way – from a Norwegian! With this slogan, Happy Jellyfish Language Bureau has been bringing the Cantonese language and culture to the more curious newcomer to and long-term foreign resident in Hong Kong, for more than 20 years. With a heady mix of (very little) violence, corporate, group and one-to-one direct training, Skype training, films, radio programmes and podcasts, the Bureau’s founder, Cecilie Gamst Berg, involves everyone in her life goal, making Cantonese a world language. Yes, it can be an uphill battle, but what’s the fun in a downhill battle? As well as teaching Cantonese, Cecilie writes for the South China Morning Post and other publications, cooks Sichuan food on her roof terrace for groups up to 20, and takes individuals and groups on “seminars” (Adventure Trips) to various places in Guangdong Province.
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