(By Invitation Only) In Conversation with Todd Handcock:Leveraging the Return of Travel in Hong Kong

April 3, 2024, 12:00-14:00


THIS EVENT IS BY INVITATION-ONLY: "In Conversation with Todd Handcock: Leveraging the Return of Travel in Hong Kong to Build Customer Engagement,"

Todd is the current Global Chief Commercial Officer and President, Asia Pacific at Collinson. He is also a current Governor of the Chamber, and the immediate prior Head of the Governors’ Council, as well as previous Chairman of the Chamber.

Hosted by Alex Tam, Chairman of the Chamber, join us on as we delve into the latest travel trends in APAC, North Asia, and Hong Kong with Todd. Explore key travel routes for Hong Kong, emerging consumer behaviors, and the growing emphasis on travel experiences among Gen Z and Millennials. Learn how Canadian businesses in Hong Kong can capitalize on these trends to enhance customer engagement.

Additionally, we will talk about the increasing interest in wellness and sports travel among Asia Pacific consumers, along with an exciting new sports-related collaboration in the Hong Kong market, to be unveiled on the day.


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