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Executive Presence

Developing Executive Presence: Leading with the Heart and Mind

Module date: July 20-21, 2020*

This module is designed to offer you a practical overview of the dynamics of executive presence, the “It” factor. The skills necessary to have “Executive Presence” and to inspire trust are increasingly in demand as Hong Kong and Chinese organizations expand into global markets. It is therefore critical to display strong leadership that authentically engages others. Moreover, in this session, we will introduce you to the power of storytelling and other communication techniques to help you build trust, credibility and influence.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Equip you with skills to build trust, credibility, and influence throughout your organization.
  • We will look at cultural aspects of executive presence and differences between Asian and western or Non-Asian cultures.
  • Provide an opportunity for you to use storytelling as a platform to demonstrate/cultivate executive presence.
  • We will move beyond presentation skills development and help advance your communication skills with the goal to engage and inspire people to act, and deal with differences or conflict effectively.

* Subject to sufficient enrollment.

This is an elective module that can be taken in conjunction with the Ivey Consortium Executive (ICE) Program and Accelerating Management Talent (AMT) Program.

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2020 HKU-IVEY Executive Leadership Program

Data Analytics and Big Data (DABD)

Online and in class sessions

* Extra USD $400 discount for M1 registrations.

Many organizations and executives find they have access to vast amount of data but lack the skills and knowledge to leverage the data for business growth. The HKU-Ivey Executive Leadership Program in Data Analytics and Big Data (DABD) will enable executives to use data to drive their operational & strategic decision-making and create more value for their businesses.

Leveraging on case development capacity of the Ivey Case Centre in Asia and also the Asia Case Research Centre of HKU FBE, this program will be empowered by recent cases on Alibaba, WeChat, Chow Tai Fook+GIA, TouTiao, iFlyTek, NVIDA, Overstock tZERO, Amazon Go, Brooklyn Microgrid, etc., discussing effective use of data and analytics for operational & strategic decision-making.

Participants will Gain Insight in
methods to analyze data to improve understanding of complex business issues. the role of data in acquisition of customers to create competitive advantage. application of AI and Blockchain in real-world business. recognition of opportunities where achieving an understanding of data can lead to enhanced performance or profitability.

Program Dates and Fees

  • June 15-16 & 22-23, 2020****This module will be delivered online from 9:00am to 12:00 noon GMT +8 (Hong Kong time) each day.

    • Leading the digital transformation journey
    • Navigating the complexity of digital projects
    • Developing digital technology in house
    • Sourcing digital capability
    • Exploring China’s digital economy
    • Understanding the foundations of digital technologies
    • Sharing digital journeys: past, present, and future
    • Digital application in your industries
    • Exploring digital disruption and the future of society

    Faculty: Professor Ning Su

  • August 10-11, 2020

    • Technology Trends and Business Analytics
    • Online Social Networks
    • Online Reputation
    • Artifical Intelligence and Visual Listening

    Faculty: Professor Xin (Shane) Wang

  • September 14-15, 2020

    • AI Basics: A Non-technical Introduction
    • AI Applications and Innovations
    • Managing AI
    • AI and Future Work
    • Blockchain Technologies
    • Leading Blockchain Platforms
    • Smart Contract and Decentralized Apps
    • Blockchain Applications in Financial Industry
    • Blockchain Applications in Other Industries

    Faculty: Professor Hailiang Chen

  • October 12-13, 2020

    • Strategic Considerations of Data Analytics
    • The Analytics Triangle: Question, Data, Analytics
    • How to Ask Crunching Questions
    • Pitfalls of Big Data
    • Analytics Techniques
    • Operations Analytics
    • Healthcare Analytics/Precision Medicine

    Faculty: Professor Haipeng Shen

*Each module is 2 days.

** Special 5% discount available for HKU/Ivey alumni or ≧ 3 registrations from the same company.

Individual module registration is welcomed.

Participants will be conferred a certificate jointly issued by HKU and Ivey upon completing all 4 modules of the program.

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Meet the Faculty:

Module 1: Professor Ning Su

Module 2: Professor Xin (Shane) Wang

Module 3: Professor Hailiang Chen

Module 4: Professor Haipeng Shen