New Signature Series 2018/2019 ESBC Presents: Launching and Growing a Business Successfully Part 1

January 30, 2018, 18:30-21:00
Eversheds Sutherland, 21/F, Gloucester Tower, The Landmark
Hong Kong SAR, China
Member Price: HKD 105
Non-Member Price: HKD 210

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New Signature Series 2018/2019
The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee Presents:
 Launching and Growing a Business Successfully Part 1

Launching and Operating a Business Effectively:
Understanding the Key Basics at the Early Stage

Date:    Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Time:    6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Venue:  Eversheds Sutherland, 21/F, Gloucester Tower, The Landmark, 15 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

Addmission Price:   CanChamHK Members HK $105
                                   Non Members HK $210

Objective of the series:

The first part of the new Signature Series will attempt to offer advice and experience-sharing to ensure start-ups and entrepreneurs are mentally ready to commit to a new business; help businesses get access to business strategies, answers to their queries, challenges and more…

About the Event:

In general, start-ups are thought to be adventurous and inventive. However, in order to be effective quickly, we all need to learn to do the right things the FIRST TIME right to save time and resources.

We are delighted to have invited these two speakers:

Jeffrey Broer from the Founder Institute in Hong Kong. The Founder Institute is the world’s premier startup launch program for talented entrepreneurs.

Xania Wong, the founder of JOBDOH. JOBDOH is a Hong Kong-based, Seedcamp-backed company that links temporary workers with employers. JOBDOH’s vision is to transform the way we work and live.
Jeffrey and Xania will talk about how founders or aspiring founders of companies can learn to shape their business concept and start the business. In particular, they will share some success stories to avoid mistakes and to be effective start-ups and entrepreneurs.


Outline of the discussions:

Jeffrey Broer, Co-director, Founder Institute Hong Kong will focus on:

1.  What are the frequently asked questions from business founders?
2.  What are the first and foremost important things to know for first-time entrepreneurs?
3.  In general, what are the key basic mistakes made at the early stage and how to avoid them?

Xania Wong, Founder of JOBDOH will focus on:

1.  What is your vision or mission of your business?
2.  To founders who want to expand to Asia, what would you recommend? What is the key thing to keep in mind?
3.  There are a great many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to enter into partnership in the first stage of their business, what advice/views would you offer to them?

About the Speakers:

Jeffrey Broer
Co-director, Founder Institute Hong Kong

Jeffrey is a Hong Kong based entrepreneur, currently working on a crypto currency project. He co-founded multiple startups, the latest being Recime.io, a Palo Alto based cloud based platform for bot development. He's been in and out of Mainland China for 12+ years and has been living in Hong Kong for 6+ years where he founded and exited Grayscale UX web design agency. 

As co-director of the Founder Institute Hong Kong, he helps aspiring entrepreneurs to validate their business ideas in an intensive 14 week program.

He also advises family offices and HNI about investing in early stage startups and startups that want to set up shop in Asia. His curiosity is in Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. In the last 15 years, he has built international businesses in technology and design.

He also founded the bi-annual Postmortem Conference, Hong Kong’s very own conference about Startup Failure: Lessons Learned.

Jeffrey lives and works in Hong Kong since 2011.


Xania Wong
JOBDOH, Founder

Xania Wong is JOBDOH’s founder and CEO. In addition to three entrepreneurial ventures, Xania gained her professional experience in Canada and Hong Kong as an investment analyst, a management consultant and a Product/Business Manager, working with regional stock exchanges on key product launches.

She is a CFA charter holder and obtained an INSEAD MBA. When not working on JOBDOH, she runs Xantana Wine Ltd., teaching about wines, working in vineyards around the world and soaking in all things passionate in life.

JOBDOH is a Hong Kong-based, Seedcamp-backed company that links temporary workers with employers. JOBDOH’s vision is to transform the way we work and live.

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