Blockchain for Business Professionals - Course

November 25, 2017, 09:30-17:00
10-12 Stanley Street
Hong Kong SAR, China

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CanChamHK is supporting this Blockchain Course preseneted by IMIT Advisors.



This one day course is an excellent opportunity for business professionals to better their understanding of blockchain technology, and how it can be best put to use in their industry.


About the Course

You will learn about the differences between various blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, as well as the underlying market dynamics and considerations for tokenized blockchains (e.g. cryptocurrencies). Additionally, you will learn about the business architecture of existing enterprise blockchain applications, which will help you formulate a coherent plan of how blockchain technologies could be applied to your industry.



This course is specifically designed for business and technology professionals looking for opportunities to adapt blockchain/distributed ledger technologies within their industry or company. This course does not have any pre-requisites and assumes little to no technical experience or familiarity with blockchain technology nor distributed ledger technologies.

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For further information, request a course package at https://www.imitadvisory.com/courses/blockchain-for-business-professionals/

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