2021-2022 Policy Address Comparison

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Dear CanChamHK Members,

On 6 October 2021 the Chief Executive Mrs Carrie Lam delivered the 2021 Policy Address (“Policy Address”) titled “Building a Bright Future Together”. We highlight below the key policies and initiatives that are relevant to the Canadian business community and areas of interest that were mentioned in the submission paper by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (the “Chamber”).

Overall, we are encouraged to see that the Government continues to be responsive to the business interests of the international community. We have attached a comparison that shows areas of overlap between the Policy Address and the Chamber’s submission. Most notable highlights include:

  • Set up the Office of Climate Change and Carbon Neutrality to strengthen co-ordination and promote deep decarbonisation, and denote $240 billion for the next 15-20 years;
  • Increase land and housing supply, including increasing transitional housing, encouraging re-development of industrial buildings, speed up PRH construction and the new development plan of the Northern Metropolis;
  • Set up the GBA InnoExpress to help nurture start-ups and support enterprises to “go global” and “attract foreign investments”;
  • Expedite the development of “Commercial Data Interchange” for commissioning in 2022 to ease SME financing issues and promote trade finance;
  • Facilitate easier cross-boundary travel for non-Chinese Hong Kong residents between Hong Kong and Mainland cities of the GBA;

Where the Government did not address the Chamber’s recommendations such as in the case of streamlining a science-based approach to pandemic control and quarantine measures for inbound travels, and bringing more predictability and transparency on air crew restrictions, the Chamber will continue to advocate for policies that align the interests of its members on a continual basis both through formal and informal channels.

The Chamber and its members look forward to working with the Government and the wider business community in implementing the policies and realising the goals and ambitions set out in the 2021 Policy Address.

Yours sincerely,

Amélie Dionne-Charest
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong