[Photos//Recap] Highlights of the Week (22.08-30.08)

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Last week was an eventful week for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. We hosted a series of exciting events that brought together the chamber communities for insightful conversations and connections. Truly, a great way to welcome our members back from summer!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, speakers, and members for making our events a tremendous success!  We sincerely appreciate your continued support of the Chamber!


22.08 A Joint Chamber Event: How to Define Success

On Friday, we invited Magnus Nerve from Haglöfs AB to share his journey to the top of the world, Mount Everest. Magnus was a wonderful storyteller and captivated the audience with the stories of challenges and mini-triumphs that he experienced along the way. The insights he shared about teams, skill, and experience are truly applicable in the business world and one’s personal life. 

Thank you to our co-hosts: German American Chambers of Commerce, BritChamHK, FinnChamHK, and SwedCham for making this event a huge success!

26.08 Decarbonising Hong Kong in the Areas of Energy, Transport, and Consumption

On Monday, we invited Joseph Law from CLP, Simon Ng from Business Environment Council and Edwin Lau from The Green Earth to discuss the decarbonisation strategies we can take in the fields of energy, transport, and consumption. The audience was engaged in the conversation of the collective effort we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

Joseph focused on the area of energy, emphasizing that a reliable electricity supply needs a balanced system. With current technology, relying on a single energy source is not feasible, therefore we need to keep our options open and focus on reliability. Simon spoke on transportation — highlighting that rather than solely focusing on developing green technology, we have to shift existing behavior and policy. Edwin discussed Hong Kong’s consumption-based carbon emission and the mitigation actions that we can take on the individual level.

Thank you to our speakers for providing insights from their respective sectors and providing us with practical steps we can take on a micro and macro level to reach zero carbon emission. Also, big thanks to our co-hosts AmCham HK, AustChamHK, BritChamHK, and Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) for making this event a success!

28.08 The Women’s Network Presents: Midsummer Night’s Networking Cocktail 2019

On Wednesday, The Women’s Network hosted a successful networking social — filled with laughter, thoughtful conversations, and meaningful connections. It was truly a space for like-minded individuals to gather and share their stories. The night ended with a draw for the special prizes — congratulations to the winners! We hope you had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you in our future events.

Special thanks to VISTRA for being a fantastic venue, food, and beverage sponsor.

30.08 Lunch Seminar: Vietnam — The Next Manufacturing Hotspot

On Friday, Nguyen Chi Toan from VSIP, Sara Silenzi from Fidinam Hong Kong, and Joel Ma from Asia Pacific Hallmark Cards (HK) Limited discussed the benefits of doing business in Vietnam. Nguyen focused on the overall business environment in Vietnam in addition to the projects that VSIP are currently undergoing in Vietnam, attracting over USD $14 billion in investments to Vietnam. Sarah discussed the process and procedure of doing business in Vietnam, and Joel elaborated on the various suppliers and partners that Vietnam provides.

A big thank you to the speakers for providing valuable insights and personal perspectives on Vietnam. Also, thank you to the Italian Chamber of Commerce for co-hosting with us to make this such a successful event!