[Photos/Recap] Public Engagement Exercise: Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy

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This morning, members from the American, Australian, British, and Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong gathered to participate in a public engagement exercise regarding Hong Kong’s long-term decarbonisation strategy. In this session, Dr. Winnie Law explained Hong Kong’s current situation and the actions we can take moving forward. Afterwards, we opened the floor to the audience opinion. The audience was highly engaged and shared their views on feasible actions we can take (e.g. carbon tax).
The Council of Sustainable Development (“SDC”) hopes to use this public engagement exercise to “deepen the public understanding of the negative impact of human induced carbon emissions to facilitate Hong Kong’s transition towards a lower carbon economy.” This was one of many opportunities for the community to express their views on how Hong Kong can form a sustainable strategy to achieve the long-term target under the Paris Agreement. 
All in all, the issue can only be effectively addressed if the Government, private sector, and civil society contribute their efforts to take a step towards our carbon reduction goals.
The SDC invites you to send in your views and ideas by completing the views collection form. Here is the link for more information: https://www.susdev.org.hk/
Special thanks to our speaker, Dr. Winnie Law, Associate Director and Principal Lecturer of the Centre for Civil Society and Governance at The University of Hong Kong. Also, a warm thank you to our venue sponsor, Mayer Brown, and our co-hosts: AmChamHK, AustChamHK, and BritChamHK.