[PHOTOS//RECAP] The Power of Canada-China Relations: Importance of Adjusting Your China Strategies Diligently


On Tuesday, CanChamHK’s Policy and Government Relations Committee hosted their first event with 60+ attendees discussing the current China-Canada relationship and best practices in navigating through this climate. This timely discussion garnered much interest from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong community.

One key takeaway from the discussion is that there is still a very positive sentiment on Canadian brands from the Chinese middle-class consumers, despite the headlines and rhetoric. Therefore, it is advised that companies should continue to engage in the China market and articulate the values of their brand to these consumers. Although, it is also worth noting that companies cannot be careful enough when navigating through this climate and should exercise due diligence in their marketing campaigns and strategies when dealing with Chinese customs and intermediaries.

There was also discussion on Canadian businesses establishing in China. It was advised that companies should bring their business over as early as possible, as it is more difficult to navigate the Chinese market for larger companies. One of the advantages of doing so is that the company is able to learn and adapt their brand to the Chinese market, before looking for distribution and partnership.

A huge thank you to our speakers Weldon Epp from the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai, Adam Turnbull from ASK Idea Group, and Travis Joern from Canada China Business Council. Also, a special thank you to our moderator Stephen Wortley from McMillan LLP.

Many thanks to McMillan LLP for sponsoring this event and the Canadian Consulate for providing the venue!