Join the Nomination Committee

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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (CanChamHK) is looking for an individual from the general membership to join the Nomination Committee for the purpose of filling vacancies in the Executive Committee and Governor’s Council .

What is the Nomination Committee?

The Nomination Committee works with the Executive Committee (“ExCo”) to identify and recruit potential candidates to fill vacancies in the Executive Committee and Governor’s Council. 

Who is in the Nomination Committee?

Are You…

  • Open, honest, impartial, without any conflicts of interest
  • Discreet and able to maintain confidentiality
  • Familiar with the structure, history, and traditions of CanChamHK
  • Energetic and able to commit some time required for the nominations process

Apply Now 

If you are interested in serving in the Nomination Committee, please indicate your interest to  with a brief summary of your background on or before April 16, 2019 (Tuesday). The Executive Committee will appoint one general member to the Nomination Committee after evaluating the background of each candidate.