CanChamHK’s Guangzhou Trip

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One Day Visit to Guangzhou

Presented by CanChamHK’s China Business Committee

October 26, 2018

CanChamHK’s China Business Committee was honoured to lead the 4th delegation visit to mainland China. Led by the China Business Committee Co-Chairs, Mr Philip Yu and Ms Farida Lau, the delegation was warmly received by the Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group (GAIG) and the South China New Material Innovation Park on October 26th.

At the GAIG, CanChamHK members had the opportunity to visit the research laboratories, which included the Thermal and Energy Systems Lab, Materials and Processes Lab, Vehicle Analysis and Dynamics Lab, and more. These labs, which are not open to the general public, are where advanced technologies such as car manufacturing robots and persistent testing machines are developed.

CanChamHK China Business Commitee Co-Chairs Philip Yu and Farida Lau with Chamber members, General Manager of South China New Material Innovation Park Chongxiao, Liu (刘崇孝), the Secretary of Huangpu District Federation of Industry and Commerce Weixiong, Wang (王伟雄), and Chairman of the board of Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Chaoxiong, Li (李超雄)


After lunch, the delegation visited the South China New Material Innovation Park. Here, the park’s General Manager demonstrated the rationale behind the business incubator, and spoke of the park’s professional entrepreneurship guidance system.

Throughout the day, delegation had candid discussions with government officials and other interlocutors on the various facets of Guangzhou’s business environment, which provided insight to delegation members on whether or not they should invest their businesses and companies in Guangzhou’s key markets.

Members also had an exciting opportunity to experience the new High Speed Rail! The journey took a mere 50 minutes to cover the 142km from Hong Kong West Kowloon to Guangzhou South, and the delegation enjoyed the ride as they sped through the countryside.

CanChamHK would like to thank the GAIG and South China New Material Innovation Park for their hospitality, and to China’s Government representative, the Secretary of Huangpu District Federation of Industry and Commerce, for supporting this visit.