Meet the Member: Clement Lai, CEO and Founder of Clement Shield Group

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  1. Give us a little background as to how your company started and what you do

Clement Shield (CS) is a leading security consultant and event organiser, providing a comprehensive suite of innovative and high standard professional services ranging from security consultancy, training programs, risk analysis, investigations and provision of close protection operatives. The key personnel of the Company are all former police officers from elite units within the Hong Kong Police Force, including VIP Protection Unit, Airport Security Unit, Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Counter-Terrorism Response Unit, Hostage Negotiation Unit, the Counter-Terrorism Task Force and Interpol.

  1. What gave rise to the creation of your organization?

CEO and Founder Clement Lai had a very successful career in the Hong Kong Police and was commander of a number of specialized units, including the VIP Protection Unit, Airport Security Unit, and founder of the Counter-Terrorism Response Unit. On his promotion to Superintendent, he no longer had the chance to serve in the specialized units that he loved so much and he therefore decided to venture out into the business world where he would still be able to involve himself directly in safety and security operations.


  1. How long have you been active in your industry?

We have now been in the security business for just over three years. What started as primarily an executive protection and security consulting business has branched out into a wide range of safety and security areas, which now also includes protective security, technical security solutions, security training as well as more specialized services that include surveillance and counter- surveillance, K9 services, and investigations.


  1. What is the greatest strength of your organization?

The specialized law enforcement background of Clement Shield’s personnel means that they have been trained and have operated at the very highest levels required of Government personnel. The CEO has to personally be the close protection bodyguard of presidential level subjects and in such situations, failure is really not an option. 


  1. Where do you see your company 5 years from now?

We have been expanding its footprint in the Region and has successfully completed operations in a number of international locations, including Japan, UK, and Europe. The company has recently opened an office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and is planning to expand its operations in the Asia-Pacific Region, and eventually beyond, over the next five years.


  1. How would you sum up the ethos of your company?

We are made up of highly trained, very experienced and extremely capable operatives who are able to bring the can-do spirit that they learnt whilst previously serving in the Hong Kong Police to their current day-to-day security operations or projects. Their full commitment in meeting and exceeding the client’s needs ensures that the company’s customers are extremely satisfied with the work they do.


  1. Is there a guiding idea or principle behind your organization? If so, what is it?

With most of the staff recruited from the Hong Kong Police (HKP), the company very much mirrors the HKP’s vision and mission but in particular the emphasis on professionalism, a commitment to service quality, continuous improvement, as well as maintaining integrity and honesty at all times.


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