Trinity Medical Centre: 30% off Selected Health Check-ups!

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Trinity Medical Center is a premium one-stop Medical Center with over 12,000 sq feet located in the heart of Central – the Entertainment Building. Providing a wide scope of high-quality medical services, for example, employee health assessment, consultation service from physicians (GP and specialists), check-up services, vaccination, gene tests, and imaging service etc.

Trinity commits to offering personalized health management solutions to different walks of clients of medical needs. Established in 2016, the center is operated by an international team of healthcare professionals. Trinity endeavors to effectively facilitate the early diagnosis and timely treatment for the entire community in order to strive to be the world-class integrated diagnostic Center at the leading edge of Medicine. The Trinity team serves with the highest degree of Compassion, Professionalism, and Integrity.


Discount Offered: 

  • 30% on selected health check-up services;
  • 20% on all other health services when spending more than HKD$2,000
Health Test Service Listed Price (HKD) Discounted Price (HKD)
Female Healthcare Plan (Executive) 6,470 4,529 (30% off)
Male Healthcare Plan (Executive) 4,480 3,136 (30% off)
Standard Healthcare Plan 3,700 2,590 (30% off)
Standard Healthcare Plan 2,440 1,708 (30% off)
Other Services*

Please specify:

20% off any service if spent over 2,000HKD

All offers may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, discount, code, coupon and/or offer.
*Extra -20% off doesn’t apply to the healthcare plan 1-4 above and applies to all other Trinity services.

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Time Period:

From 1 Aug 2018 to 31 Dec 2018 (to be reviewed every year)


Contact Information:

Booking hotline- 2572 2121

Booking whatsapp hotline – 6586 9522

Please state the membership number during booking