Hong Kong’s Future and Sustainability: Photos

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2018 [June] Hong Kong's Future & Sustainability - Is Your Organization Ready?

Our “Hong Kong’s Future & Sustainability” panel discussion with the Sustainable Development Committee focused on tackling the challenges related to creating a more sustainable future. Panelists discussed how organizations must transform in order to integrate sustainability across all facets of their operations while leveraging the new opportunities that will arise from this shift.

Some key takeaways:

  1. Organizations will need to recognize that environmental reporting in the next 20 years will be what financial reporting is today
  2. Leadership that embraces a multidisciplinary approach to solving problems and implementing solutions is hard to find but is a core competence to have, especially in the future. These leaders must be able to look at a problem/project from a 40,000 ft view above but at the same time have the skills to drill down on operational details.

Thanks to our panelists Christine Loh,Chief Development Strategist ,Institute for the Environment, HKUST, Dr. Christine Bruckner, Director, M Moser Associates, Diana Ibarra, Secondary School Teacher & Shuyuan Science and Sustainability Programs Manager, The Independent Schools Foundation Academy and Dr. Jeanne Ng, Director of Group Sustainability, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited.

Special thanks to Ron Chung,  Matthew Sears and Peter Wong for their support!