Meet the Member: Leo Cheung- Co-Founder, Frutodor Ltd.

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Pictured above: Leo and Mandy Cheung, Co-Founders of Frutodor Ltd.

1. What motivated you to take on your current role?

At first when I joined I just wanted to help my parents as they worked very hard in the tough fruit industry in which suppliers kept pushing us around. After a few years I then figured out that the ones who actually needed help are the growers who were being pushed around by the weather, bad growers, competition, and traders. Recently, I realized that I actually have to help my industry to clear out all the counterfeit, fake labeling, fake origin fruits. This never-ending helping and fixing is what motivates me.

2. Does your organization have a Canadian Connection? If so, what is the nature of the connection?

Yes, we represent the biggest cherry grower in BC, Jealous Fruits. The connection is our trust and vision between Geen and Cheung family toward our industry. It is not only limited to food safety, but also includes sustainability, farming, technology, and better world.

3. Where do you want to see your company 5 years from now?

I want to see our new supply chain model work. I want to see traceability implemented with 50% fruits sold in Hong Kong. I want to see a standard of fruits initialized. I want to see fruit shops or supermarkets applying our new model and having a cut down in wastage, labour cost, and an increase of sales. Basically, I want to see Frutodor provide a much more efficient supply chain model for fruits.

4. What has been your favourite part of your role so far? What do you enjoy the most about running this company?

My favourite part is when I can solve a grower’s problem and in the end make them successful while we both make a good fortune. I enjoy seeing lots of people; new people, and old people, during my job in this company. Some people with good intentions, some with bad.

5. What book do you think every business owner should read?

The Prince by Niccolò  Machiavelli. Just read it.


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