This Week’s Must Read Links



  • China vows to end forced tech transfers in manufacturing sector | South China Morning Post
  • Watershed moment: China’s leader tightens his grip with a new anti-corruption agency | National Post
  • Federal government won’t block Huawei’s business in Canada | The Globe and Mail
  • China ‘will fight to the end’ in trade war, Beijing warns after Donald Trump hits country with $60b in tariffs | South China Morning Post 
  • Tech and public works to drive growth for Hong Kong businesses in Southeast Asia | South China Morning Post
  • China demands metal tariff compensation from US, setting stage for WTO showdown | South China Morning Post
  • Hong Kong will not lift post-Fukushima ban on some Japanese food | South China Morning Post
  • Canada wants in on ASEAN growth | The Straits Times


  • Next on Hong Kong’s property market: flats with one fireproof shelter per floor | South China Morning Post
  • Hong Kong’s property arms race set to slow as mainland developers abide by administrative controls | South China Morning Post
  • Unmarried or living in a micro flat: Hong Kong’s high property prices driving rise of tiny homes and delayed marriages – survey | South China Morning Post
  • Why is Hong Kong not protecting its people’s housing rights, as Vancouver does? | South China Morning Post 



  • [Podcast] Conflict: Dealing with Difficult People | Harvard Business Review
  • How to Use Excel: 14 Simple Excel Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts | Hubspot
  • The Economics of Why Companies Don’t Fix Their Toxic Cultures | Harvard Business Review