Meet the Member: Kim Wan from EasyChef W+

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  1. Give us a little background as to what your company does.

We are a business in the food and beverage industry that is dedicated to providing easy-to-make, restaurant quality food. EasyChef wants to provide wholesome food, and emphasize holistic agriculture. We provide half-made products so the customers can take them home, and easily prepare them. An example is lobster bisque that is frozen into blocks, and the customer will just defrost and boil.

  1. If you could turn back time, what is one thing you would do differently?

I think I might skip my studies in economics and my MBA, and instead go straight for agriculture! [Laughs] I studied economics in Canada, and did my MBA in Shanghai, but it was more because my family had really wanted me to do it.

  1. What motivated you to take on your current role?

When living in Canada, where the fast food culture is very strong, I developed an interest in natural and healthy eating. I want to educate customers in that area.

  1. In your mind, what sets your organization apart from the competition?

Food companies often go for flavor above all else. The way that we eat now is to try and have cooking done by other people for us, but we then complain we are not healthy. So EasyChef goes one step further and asks, “Can we make this healthy too?”

  1. Is there anyone you consider as a role model?

I look to my father as a role model. I admire his integrity, and his endurance, throughout 40 years in this business. He gave me principles and a moral upbringing.

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