Meet the Member: Michael Wong from the University of Waterloo HK Foundation

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1. Give us a little background as to how your company started and what you do…

My role is to facilitate the University of Waterloo’s internationalization strategy. The world is truly a village, and we are all interconnected in more ways than one. Several areas are important to us: international applied research collaborations, entrepreneurship, maintaining close ties with our alumni and supporters, and branding of the University of Waterloo. With familiarity comes trust, and with trust comes collaborations. My job is to build the familiarity and trust, so that partnerships can happen.

2. What has been your favourite part of your role so far? What do you enjoy the most about running this company?

Meeting people and building connections. Seeing these connections blossom into a collaborative relationship.

3. What, in your opinion, is the biggest mistake that people just starting their careers too often make?

Either being very focused on a career plan, and losing out on great things that can happen along the way, or being totally unfocused. You have to start somewhere but be flexible and respond to the powers around you.

4. What book do you think every business owner should read?

The book of Eccelesiastes in the Bible. Great advice for how you should conduct yourself.

5. Is there anyone you consider as a role model?

Not any one particular person. Every successful person has a story to tell. The key is to pick and choose the parts that will build the future, ideal, you. Conversely, also learn from people whom you may not admire. What were their motivations? Examine your conscience.

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