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Canada Hong Kong -Exchangeis our highly regarded quarterly magazine. The magazine is sent out to our full membership both in Hong Kong and abroad, as well as to a database of other key contacts in Hong Kong. The magazine features news and articles supplied by our member companies. As a member you are entitled to submit news items, new appointments as well as informative articles.


Volume 17
Your Chamber, Your Road to Success


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Volume 16
Your Chamber: Building Prosperity with You

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A look back at Canada Hong Kong Exchange
September/October 1995
25 Years of Sino-Canadian Relations

Whether it's trade or politics, the ties between Canada and China are growing stronger every day. As we approach the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, Jean-Francois Tremblay reviews the important trade and political developmentts leading up to this auspicious occasion.


Canada Hong Kong Exchange Vol 15:
Your Chamber, Your Legacy

Generally, EXCHANGE brings you information on happenings at the
Chamber and among our members. Read about methanol frommember, Methanex Corporation which is the world’s largestmethanol producer and supplier as well as the other Membercompanies contributions.

We are a member-driven community, and your contribution to the
Chamber in varied forms, whether in business forums or communityand social events such as the upcoming ‘Terry Fox Run Hong Kong’in early November and the ‘Sun Life Canadian Golf Tournament2015’!later in the month is what makes our community both strongand vigourous.

Enjoy EXCHANGE – send us your thoughts.

Canada Hong Kong Exchange Vol 14:
Your Chamber, Your Canada-Hong Kong Connect

Over the past few months, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock
Connect, the investment channel between the two cities’
equity markets, has been gaining in volume and momentum,
creating opportunities for investors and companies alike. This
innovative scheme again strengthens Hong Kong’s position asan excellent platform for developing business opportunities
across all of China, not to mention in the other exciting marketsin Asia.

At the Chamber, our focus is to further broaden and develop
the ‘Canada-Hong Kong Connect’. Many share this vision. In earlyJune, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (“HKTDC”) leads adelegation to Toronto as part of its ‘Think Asia, Think Hong Kong’sinitiative to promote Hong Kong as a platform for growth-seekingCanadian companies, entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Chamber’s ongoing role is to provide a forum for
connecting businesses and opportunities.
Canada Hong Kong Exchange Vol 13:
Your Chamber, Your Business Connections

This issue of EXCHANGE again provides some snapshots of our Community and its work. If an important part of our mission is to build commerce among our members as they seek to grow their businesses, an important way we accomplish this is by providing a forum and a meeting place for our members.

Ameeting place helps individual members connect with one another and companies connect with other companies. Through dialogue, areas of common interest can be indentified while trust and confidence are built. Communication via the internet has become omnipresent in our businesses but face-to-face dialogue remains essential for building relationships.

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Canada Hong Kong Exchange Vol. 12:
Your Chamber, Your Community

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is a community which attracts others looking to benefit from the community while adding further still to the vibrancy of the community itself. Our mission is to build commerce among our members as they build business and businesses with Hong Kong as an important base. The Chamber is a forum and a meeting place for members.

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Canada Hong Kong Exchange Vol. 11:
Your Chamber, Your Voice

This issue of Exchange focuses on the Chamber’s Board of Governors; Executive Committee members; members; and committees and how they all contribute to the greater Hong Kong community.

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Canada Hong Kong Exchange Vol. 10:
Young Professionals Edition

Our Chamber’s Young Professionals Committee has been established to get young professionals together so they not only grow in their career, but also grow within our community. This issue showcases numerous young professionals from diverse backgrounds, who are eager to bring a new approach to organisations, and striving to make the most out of our business community in Hong Kong.

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Canada Hong Kong Exchange Vol. 9:
Starting Out Bringing Forth the Inner Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur and Small Business Committee provides the much needed support and forum for experience sharing and discussion, hoping that the strategies and lessons learned, presented in this issue, will better support entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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China & Canada Exchange Hong Kong Issue 8

This issue of China & Canada Exchange explores the current state and future of the energy industry in Canada, China and Hong Kong. An interview with Richard Lancaster of CLP and Wan Chi-tin of Power Assents delves into the challenges and future opportunities faced by Hong Kong's electricity producers. Addressing changing popular demands and evolving government regulations will be crucial to ensure the lifeblood of the city remains abundant and accessible.

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China & Canada Exchange Hong Kong Issue 7

The Chamber will continue to serve our members through networking and advocacy. Recently The Chamber banned shark fin at Chamber and Chamber-supported events, sending a message that it is becoming more acceptable for the business community to lead on sustainability issues. Our profile interview this month is with a long-time Chamber member, Ajmal Samuel. His contributions align with a key element of the Chamber's stated mission to make both Hong Kong and Canada stronger, more competitive and more connected to each other.

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China & Canada Exchange Hong Kong Issue 6

Mining has now come to Hong Kong. Canadians will no doubt seek to take a large share of businesses in this area; however, the competition is fierce. It did not go unnoticed by China & Canada Exchange editors that the accomplished young CEO of SouthGobi is Australian!Facilitators including Lang & Michener(deal making lawyers from Vancouver), Deloitte (IPO's and accounting), and others will need to make hard choices about how they advise clients. Canadians are making big choices about not only their domestic,but also their globalresponsibilities. You can read more about that in this mining special.

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China & Canada Exchange Hong Kong Issue 5

Hong Kong is a perfect platform to expand Canada's participation in the growth of Asian markets. Canadian executives and political leaders are increasing their visits to Hong Kong and are encouraging their Chinese partners to visit Canada. These organizations, large and small, are joining the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to take advantage of its thirty plus year network in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures.

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China & Canada Exchange Hong Kong Issue 3

The President of the Canadian Standards Association, Robert Griffin, recently presented to the Chamber and claimed recessions are some of their busiest times. Deals are quietly being done as our relatively strong companies and institutions make plans to weather the downturn not so much with an eye to survival, bur positioning themselves for the upswing that is never far off in Hong Kong. If you are reading this and are not a member of the Chamber, you might want to contact us to find out how to get your boat into our typhoon shelter - the Canadian business community in Hong Kong.

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China & Canada Exchange Hong Kong Issue 2

The focus of this issue is "carbon wars". The new orthodoxy of global warming has produced much discussion about how we prevent it or mitigate its effects. Canadian provinces have taken different directions ranging from carbon taxation, to sequestration, to cap and trade. Some are going it alone and some are joining with national and cross-border schemes with American states to tackle the problem. This issue of the magazine will help you make sense of where things are going in Canada and Hong Kong, and how it might affect your business - as far as is possible in these tumultuous times.

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China & Canada Exchange Hong Kong Issue 1

This publication is changing to match the need for analysis and insight on markets and the business environment. Knowing about new business and new players in the PRD is going to be vital for growth.Homo Businessusdoes not live on profit alone, so this new publication will cater to other needs. It will condense what you need to know about what is happening in Canada, and explain how it relates to the business and life here.

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